Shipping is one of the most critical functions of any e-commerce website. It’s also the most daunting. The customer has selected their product and even paid for it upfront. So they expect it to be delivered in time and the right condition. But most e-commerce platforms fail to deliver on this. That’s why you see customers requesting a return, and they likely may never shop on that e-commerce website again. That underscores need to streamline your shipping processes to prevent this from happening. Happily, many shipping software has come up that can effectively manage your shipping online. Let’s look at how e-commerce shipping software helps streamline your shipping processes:

  • E-commerce shipping software states the date of order and delivery

The good thing about the best shipping software out there is that they are automated. Once the customer places their order, it automatically records that date and the date of expected delivery. Research shows that over 70percent of customers want to be told the expected date of delivery of their products and they expect that date to be honored.

  • E-commerce shipping software offers multiple shipping options

Great e-commerce shipping software should provide various shipping options. You are likely to get more customers if you offer many options and variations. Shipping options and variations mean offering 1-day, 2-day regular shipping, and express shipping to allow customers to choose the option that suits them.

  • Multi-carrier shipping solutions offer cheap shipping

Shipping can add up any product’s price. And it might make no sense to buy online. That’s why cheap shipping or even free shipping is great to attract and retain customers. It’s hard to find cheap shipping out there. However, multi-carrier shipping solutions make it easier. That’s because they integrate multiple shipping carriers that list their prices to allow you to choose the cheapest shipping carrier.

  • E-commerce shipping software notifies customers all the way

The good thing about e-commerce shipping software is that it can be accessed online from anywhere, anytime. So, customers can request and get information about their order status in real time.

  • Customers get SMS updates with e-commerce shipping software

Most customers use their mobile devices to shop and buy products online. While, traditionally, shipping solutions offer email service, it’s very slow especially if you live in a different country. The mobile revolution has enabled e-commerce business owners to pass messages to customers through instant SMS.


It’s no doubt that e-commerce shipping software streamlines shipping processes. And in this day and age where time is of the essence, fast delivery will keep you ahead of the competition. So, ensure to integrate e-commerce shipping software into your e-commerce store if you want to stay on top of your shipping issues.

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