Because technology has become the solution to almost everything today, both retailers and customers are trooping online to do business on different e-commerce platforms. However, stiff competition from large retailers is forcing small e-commerce business retailers to revisit and streamline their shipping processes and workflow. And one of the best solutions they implement to achieve those is e-commerce shipping software. But choosing the best shipping software can be a challenging pursuit. However, with these guidelines, it doesn’t have to be:

  • Consider compatibility when looking for small business e-commerce shipping software.

Compatibility with your e-commerce functionalities and software is important when choosing the best shipping software. Specifically, your chosen shipping software should be compatible with your e-commerce’ shopping cart, checkout systems and other important software and functionality. Compatibility will ensure easy installation of the shipping software and help shipping process run smoothly.

  • Efficiency and price should be a factor when looking for small business e-commerce shipping software

When looking for the best shipping software for small e-commerce business, consider the price. Customers will not want to buy a product worth $50 and be slapped with an extra $20 as shipping cost.  They would rather drive to a local retail outlet and buy the product at a much lower price. Also, ensure the shipping software is efficient. Efficiency means it can handle orders, process them and dispatch them quickly.

As your e-commerce grows, the demand for deliveries will increase. Delivery speed then becomes an essential factor. Depending on a single carrier will slow down your shipping processes and delivery, resulting in customers abandoning your e-commerce website and heading to the competition. A multi-carrier shipping solution integrates many carriers, allowing you to evaluate and choose the most cost-effective carrier that delivers shipments on time and minimizes risks.

  • Consider discount when choosing the best shipping software for your e-commerce business

Competition in the shipping landscape is stiffer than ever before, which is why e-commerce business owners look for shipping software that integrates carriers that offer great discounts, besides quality services. Choosing shipping carrier that automatically gives discounts based on quantity, and distance is beneficial. The costs saved can help lower shipping costs and help you increase your customer base.

  • The best shipping software should come with a free-trial period

A trial period is important to test out the shipping software before you buy it. Testing out the software will accord you enough time to know if it matches your e-commerce business needs and goals. If it doesn’t, you should not buy it after expiry period.

  • The e-commerce shipping software should come with excellent customer support

When installing e-commerce shipping software, you’re bound to run into errors. And if you don’t have the technical know-how, you will stall. When you stall, you’ll need the software vendor to assist you to navigate the issue. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy shipping software that comes with customer support.


Customer satisfaction must always be a priority for any e-commerce business. While all other aspects, such as compatibility, discounts, and customer support are important, customer satisfaction should be a priority. So, choose an e-commerce shipping solution that will ensure flawless and timely delivery of shipments to delight customers.

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